Okay, I’ll admit it. I was horrible at doing this diary. There was nothing interesting in my life in the month I was supposed to be consistent in, and my eczema wasn’t good at all. I’d feel guilty if it were all negative. But, there’s no excuse either way. I’m not going to be that type of person.

Eczema is like a rollercoaster, but with no end. Sometimes, you’re just going at a normal speed, then all of a sudden there’s a drop and 5 loops to pass. There’s no going around that. Eczema is my cause of jealousy and sadness. I’ve missed out on P.E more than I’d like to admit, and it doesn’t help my self-esteem about my body weight. What I like to think though, is that I’m the only person who can, and will help myself. I try as much as I can to keep sugar to a minimum, avoid my allergens and all that, yet it doesn’t seem to work. What worked for me was regulating my stomach’s pH, if that makes any sense. Having sour stuff, like sauerkraut, pickles and kefir helped a lot. Yeah it’s disgusting but if you’re desperate like me, it can work. Especially when I didn’t have the guts to drink apple cider vinegar. It worked wonders for me.

I’m going to leave some advice, as I want to help out others.

  • If you like wearing scents or makeup, test them out during the weekend to see whether or not you’re allergic. Reactions don’t always show up immediately, so I recommend testing out the product on a Friday and by Sunday, if nothing comes out then you’re more than likely safe.
  • Sometimes, while wearing clothes, they get stuck to your eczema. DON’T peel the clothes off. Instead, run your item of clothing under water. That way, it’ll come straight off and you can easily take off the article.
  • Don’t stress yourself easily. Stressing is a huge reason why you’re flaring up. Exam coming up? Take it easy. Don’t cram it all at once. Instead, revise properly and don’t worry! You can manage 🙂
  • Don’t care what others think – it’s unimportant. Unless they have eczema as bad as you, their opinion is invalid if it’s negative. You are beautiful the way you are, skin condition or not.
  • I bet my left kidney that you’ve heard your parent/guardian say, “Moisturise your skin!” or something along those lines so much in your life that you don’t care at this point, but I’ll say it again. M. O. I. S. T. U. R. I. S. E! It helps if you do it frequently, even in class.
  • Last but not least: don’t let your eczema stop you from having fun in the world! Who knows what’s out there? The world is your oyster, go explore it!

Peace out, world.

Ania xo