I take back my happiness about the appointment. I was late, and the dermatologist needed to rush which I understand, but she seemed so mean. I understand the truth needs to be told, but she made me feel entirely helpless. She seemed so spiteful – I don’t think she wanted to help me. She diminished any sort of hope I had for any help. I feel like the NHS system needs some sort of update on their education, as they told me incorrect information and seemed uncomfortable and hostile whenever my mum mentioned any sort of outside help. 
Today I’m feeling: Sad. 

I haven’t done the other 11 days of my diary. I wasn’t lazy, I just didn’t want to do it. At the end of the day, you want to forget your eczema, you know? I didn’t really think of that before starting this. I’m not saying that I’ll stop writing, but it isn’t the easiest task, especially when your eczema isn’t getting better.

Currently, I’m growing up. My hormones are changing everything in my body, including what my eczema flares up to. It feels mean, writing all negative stuff. You’d want to read something positive, to make you think there’s hope in curing it but it isn’t like that.

Last Friday when I finished my antibiotics, my eczema had flared up once again. Now, a week later, my eczema has calmed down a bit, and I’m able to finally move my right arm after it being so dry. My stomach and chest are still quite badly affected, though. For some reason, whenever I scratch, my nails create these red marks as if they were made when scratching against a carpet which almost look like blisters. My skin now, whenever it heals turns purple, therefore my legs and stomach are quite purple. However, I guess I’m getting better. 
Today I’m feeling: Sort-of okay. 

Today, my eczema was alright. It’s been slightly hard to move, but I’ve been fine. Today has also quite boring. I didn’t really do much, so there isn’t much to write about. 

Today hasn’t really been productive either. My eczema has gotten worse, though. My scalp has gotten really itchy and I’m unsure why. It’s quite difficult not to itch. 

Today was my mum’s birthday! I tried my best not to scratch, as I know how it impacts my mum. However, I still scratched a little bit. My scalp hasn’t really improved – it continues to be itchy.